Box Office


The Castleford Phoenix Theatre has quickly become the main venue for live entertainment in the Five Towns area. With a diverse programme of local theatre companies, dance schools, bands, comedians, schools live music and much more, we are able to host and support a wide range of different shows and events.

We hire the theatre on a bespoke personal basis. We know that every performance and producer are different. You all have different requirements for a venue and we want to be flexible enough to offer a solution suitable for your shows  needs.

Hiring the theatre usually begins with you contacting us and we then send a show pack suitable for your show by email.  If you are local then we will arrange a venue meeting where we can sit down together and discuss your event and what you are wanting to achieve. We look at what support you need from us and the best way to work together to deliver your show to your audience.

The experience of hiring and using the Phoenix is one of the things we want to set us apart from other local venues. We have an events team dedicated to providing a great service. All of our event team have experience of producing shows as well hosting them and know the pressures and trouble spots that event organisers have and we aim to make the Phoenix as trouble free as possible for you, leaving you free to concentrate on the actual performance.
We work closely with all of our clients with pre show meetings, either remote or here on site to identify and eliminate problems before they start.
We offer periodic box office reports directly to your email or we can set you up on our box office system so you can log in and check your sales whenever you want.
We produce twice yearly brochures, both in print and digitally to help advertise your show.
We advertise both digitally and in print across the area to help give your own publicity an extra push.
On the day of the event you will have access to a duty manager who will handle any venue challenges for you as well as experienced lead technicians used to getting the best out of our facilities.
Our front of house team will be on hand and assist with making your audiences experience of the show as enjoyable as we can and resolving any venue issues.
After your performance you will be given a detailed report about your box office, income and charges so that you have a full, detailed, accurate idea about exactly how well your show has done and we will complete the payment to your account as swiftly as we can ensuring your show money is availble in your account soon after the show.

Our standard 308 seat, fixed, raked, seating is the basis for most seating arrangements but we do have other layouts availble. Depending on the nature of your show and expected audience we can discuss which option is correct for you.

With the addition of our studios as additional changing facilities we can accommodate casts over 200 people and our standard dressing rooms have several sinks and a toilet in each room. We also have audio relay from the stage to the dressing rooms so that people can keep track of where they are in the show.

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A lovely theatre, we thouroughly enjoyed ourselves, hope we'll be able to come back to play again.

We believe our technical services are some of the best in the region and we can either support your team with our knowledge of making the venue work, or we can provide a full technical team to run your event for you, or anything in between. Our lighting, sound and video facilities are of a high standard and can really make a difference to the audiences enjoyment of your show, as many of our clients have found out and benefited from for themselves.

We have our own box office service that we use that is online 24/7 and If you can get the details to us we can even put your show on sale the same day the performance is agreed! We now use E-tickets rather than printed stock and our experienced front of house and theatre management team can take away the pressure of worrying about organising ticket sales. Many of our clients now sell online, either through their own, or our website. You will receive periodic updates as to how many tickets are sold and your income and following your event you will receive a detailed breakdown of your box office sales for your records.

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I wouldn't want to do my show anywhere else!

When it comes to catering to your audiences refreshment needs we have the Spotlight Bar. A fully licensed theatre bar which sells a range of alcoholic and none alcoholic beverages, traditional bar snacks and a variety of confectionery. Intervals usually last for 20 minutes and whether someone wants an ice cream or a nice cup of coffee, the Spotlight Bar can accommodate.

We know that months of planning goes into your show and we take it just as seriously as you do, so once the preparation is complete and it is time for your show to happen we provide an events team to manage the venue so you can concentrate on your company and customers experience and we will be on hand throughout your event to help with making everything run smoothly.
In fact the only thing our theatre team don't do for clients is get up and perform on stage with you.

Personal service
Excellent Theatrical facilities
Friendly, professional staff
308 seats as standard
Generous free secure parking on site over 2 car park areas
Easily accessible by motorways, M62, A1 and M1, local transport links and local facilities close by.

To arrange a meeting to discuss your next show being staged here at the Phoenix please contact
Neil Myers - 01977 664566 or email