Box Office


Marketing and publicity are essential parts of events here at the Phoenix and we are exprienced in marketing that we use to support you.

Here at the Castleford Phoenix Theatre we can offer the following promotional activity for your event as part of your booking with us.

Event listing on
Listing in Castleford Phoenix Theatre seasonal brochure (if event falls within the date range of brochure and print deadlines)
Distribution of your flyers and posters within the theatre and some local placement
Social media support including Facebook Events

For some events we also may offer support in local media
For some events we will also list on identified sites
For some events we may offer additional social media services

Please use the following form to specify any extra marketing activity you would like to undertake for your event. Please note that if you are a hire event, you will be responsible for paying 100% of the marketing cost. If you are a non-hire, the cost of the marketing will be split by the contract. Please use the form below to specify what activity you would like to undertake.

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They worked hard to sell our tickets and we loved the poster they made for us!

Website and Brochure

We want to list all suitable events and shows at the Castleford Phoenix Theatre on our website and as many as we can in our twice yearly brochure. The website and brochure are both great for letting people know what is happening at the theatre and about your show.

Your Box office entry on the website is where every one of your customers will visit when purchasing tickets online. We have a few options to customise your pages including being able to link to photos, websites and directly display your promo videos on the site so customers can experience the show without leaving the site. Exciting and interesting ad-copy and content that engages your audience are always encouraged. Our team are on hand if you  need help with anything regarding the publicity and marketing of your show here atthe Phoenix. 

The brochure has a current distribution of 4000 copies. Over a 1500 aresent out directly to audience members, some are sent into the local community and the rest are available from within the venue.
Our brochures currently cover from Spring to Late Summer and Late Summer through Winter each year.
Deadlines for brochures are usually 3 months before the release but you will be informed of your individual deadline by our marketing team as work begins on the brochure you will be part of.

If you would like to be included on the site or next brochure and have not yet been contacted about this then please let us know.

For any show we will require a good quality image about your event which will best sell your show. For the brochure the image should have no text included, however if you have a separate show logo then please send this as well. We can work with different formats but our preferred are JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD, EPS. for large file sizes please use a service like and send to
Please also send any production shots or videos you wish to use and any official press releases.

We have put together our own contact list of local media that may help you promote your show. Please contact us if you require a copy of our contact list.

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Such a pleasant surprising place. Lovely staff.

Address for Marketing Delivery

Neil Myers
Castleford Phoenix Theatre
Crewe Road
West Yorkshire
WF10 3JU

Suggested Print Quantities

Professional Events lasting 3 days or less

A5 Leaflets x 2000 min
A4 Posters - 5 min
A3 Posters x 10 min
A4 Posters x 50
A1 Posters x 1*
Pop up banners 2 max
Exterior Banner

*We have a large number of shows and events and space for A1 posters is limited. Because of this we use the A1's to display what is coming soon so your poster may not be displayed until close to your event dates.

Professional Events lasting 4 days or more

A5 Leaflets 1000 - 10,000 min
A4 Posters x 15
A3 Posters x 15 min
A1 Posters x 1*
Pop up banners 2 max
Exterior Banner

*We have a large number of shows and events and space for A1 posters is limited. Because of this we use the A1's to display what is coming soon so your poster may not be displayed until close to your event dates.

Amateur Performances

A5 Leaflets x 1000
A3 Posters x 5
A4 posters x 10
A1 Posters x 1*
Pop up banners 1 max

Distribution available as an additional charge


All print must be received overprinted. Any print received not overprinted may not be distributed. The information you need to include when overprinting is detailed below.

1. Event Date
2. Event Time
3. Venue Name (Castleford Phoenix Theatre)
4. Box Office 01977664566
5. Theatre logo
Available as EPS, JPG and PNG - Alternate versions for use on Dark and light backgrounds .

Please send your poster artwork to so your design can be proofed to ensure it contains the correct information.

Social Media


We use facebook to promote the full range of our events, post news and updates, receive direct messages, sell tickets, run competitions etc.

New shows and events that go on sale receive a post and we then usually promote the next few shows coming up.

Our cover page also displays an ad or information about the next show on.

We also share relevant posts that may be of interest to our followers. If you would like content shared then please ensure your privacy settings for the post are public and contact the theatre. We have a large range of events using the theatre and we are not always aware when a client posts.


We use twitter to automatically help circulate our facebook posts but also post independent news tweets and photos as the need arises.

If you would like us to tweet about your event or show please let us know.


We use instagram to communicate with photos, these are either special previews that can't be seen elsewhere, back stage pics, work in progress etc

If you would like to send a suitable image for inclusion on our page or arrange photos during your event to aid with publicity then please contact the theatre.

Design Specifications

Print Advertisements

All supplied artwork must be 300 dpi or higher as a JPG or PDF. We can also accept PSD and AI/EPS files.

Where possible incorporate a standard 3mm bleed on artwork in case we need to work without a border.
Depending on the nature of the advertisement we will contact you with the specific size details.

Artwork Design Services

Foyer Poster - A1 841mm x 594mm (+3mm bleed) - £40 including poster design and printing

Poster design - From £30

Banner Design - From £40

Logo Design - From £20

Social Media and Website Advertisement

Main event listing Image - 400px X 400px To be provided by client

Facebook Event Cover Image - 1200px x 628px To be provided by client.

Homepage Banner Image - 828px X 315px To be provided by client or £30 design fee

Website Splash Page - 1366px x 768px To be provided by client or £30 design fee